How We Work

Fill in our simple vehicle valuation form and after providing us with the full details of your vehicle, we will provide you with a price we are prepared to pay for your car. If you would then like to accept the cash for your car at the price we have offered, you can drop the car off at our depot or if required we can come and collect you car.

Will you collect my car and what is the cost?

We will collect your car from wherever you are based in Mainland UK and it will be at a time convenient to you obviously you would receive a higher price if you were to drop you vehicle at our depot based in West Sussex.

Is there a limit on the cars you buy?

There is no limit on the type or cost of vehicle we can purchase, in fact we have even purchased cars from garages wanting to get rid off stock, we will give you cash for your car regardless if it is an old banger or brand spanking new sports car.